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In order to further promote the field of Cultural Diplomacy, the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy has created a number of blogs focused on a variety of issues. Blog contents include articles on a wide range of topics, including human rights, youth education and development, cultural initiatives, and international relations, as well as information about our upcoming events and programs.

The ICD has therefore developed interactive platforms for the following topics:

Cultural Diplomacy News »

The Cultural Diplomacy News blog focuses on general issues and current affairs relating to Cultural Diplomacy, particularly with regards to Cultural Diplomacy initiatives and Cultural Diplomacy theory.

Art as Cultural Diplomacy »

The Art as Cultural Diplomacy blog includes articles on the use of music, film, art, and dance as tools to promote positive intercultural relations. One of the main purposes of art is to stimulate reactions in people, and as such, the Art as Cultural Diplomacy blog aims to promote dialogue between individuals, leading to greater understanding of one another.

Cultural Diplomacy & Human Rights »

The Cultural Diplomacy & Human Rights blog contains articles and posts relating to the promotion of Human Rights initiatives and includes articles and posts on issues including women's rights, racism, xenophobia, and general equality.

Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America »

The Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America blog contains information on the wide range of cultures found in Latin America. Several Latin American countries are rapidly growing in economic stature, particularly Brazil and Mexico, and the Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America blog examines the effects this will have on the countries of South and Central America.

Cultural Diplomacy in Africa »

The Cultural Diplomacy in Africa blogs focuses on the use of Cultural Diplomacy to improve international and intercultural relations across the African continent. Africa plays host to more conflicts than any other continent and has a long history of Human Rights violations. The Cultural Diplomacy in Africa blog therefore aims to promote discussion of these issues, offering solutions to the problems that have blighted the country.

Cultural Diplomacy in Central Asia »

Organization for Youth Education & Development (OYED) »

The Organization for Youth Education & Development blog contains articles on issues including the improvement and expansion of worldwide educational programs, youth development initiatives, and future employment prospects for the young people of today. The work of the Organization for Youth Education & Development is fundamental in light of the current global economy, with huge numbers of young people currently unemployed.