Jobs - Employment Opportunities in the Field of Cultural Diplomacy
The ICD is currently recruiting staff members and representatives from around the world in order to support our activities in the field of cultural diplomacy and our international engagement efforts.

The ICD is currently recruiting for the following opportunities:

Representing the ICD in Your Home Town - The ICD is seeking individuals who have demonstrated leadership in their fields and who are interested in promoting cultural diplomacy to become official ICD representatives in their home towns. Representatives will create a local chapter of the ICD their home towns or cities and initiate cultural diplomacy activities through this new office.

Fundraising and Marketing for the ICD - The ICD is seeking individuals who are interested in supporting the fundraising and marketing activities of the ICD. This opportunity entails the acquisition of new sponsors, grants, and contributions to support the ICD’s current activities as well as new inroads into the field of cultural diplomacy. The ICD is seeking comprehensive marketing support, and duties will include marketing at the local, national and international levels using tactics ranging from social media to phone calls to meetings to advertising to finding and developing new partnerships.

Economists for our “Corporate Cultural Diplomacy” Program - The ICD is currently seeking economists to work on the ICD Corporate Cultural Diplomacy Program. Responsibilities would include, but are not limited to, the monitoring and reporting of private sector cultural diplomacy engagement as well as analysis and publication of this data.

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