Forum Research

“Forum research” is a term used to describe a range of different activities that explore and raise awareness of the field of cultural diplomacy and other issues related to our forums. Forum research is published online through CD News web pages, and may also appear at other locations on the ICD website.

Forum Research consists of material relevant to the individual ICD Young Leaders Forums that we organize.  Our Young Leaders Forums bring together students and young professionals interested in a particular bi-lateral or bi-regional relationship, or relations between states and cultural groups within a particular region. Further information about taking part in these programs can be accessed from the ICD website.

As part of our activity for these forums, the ICD has collected a diverse range of research material relevant to each individual forum. This material includes academic publications (books, journal articles), news (short new articles, announcements), articles (longer new articles and opinion pieces), and interviews. This material has been collected to allow individuals with an active interest in these fields to find relevant information quickly and easily.

If you would like to contribute content to the Forum Research section, please send an email to
*Please note, the views expressed in the material linked here are those of the individuals and organizations themselves, not the ICD.