Author Title Date Publication Link
Lin Cho-shui China ‘mad’ for Taiwanese culture 15.08.2010 Taipei Times
  South Korea, China overtaking Japan in 'cool' culture battle 27.07.2010 The Asahi Shimbun
Catton, Pia Disparate Cultures Engage in a Youthful Dance 22.07.2010 The Wall Street Journal
Rockower, Paul Branding Taiwan through gastrodiplomacy 08.07.2010 Taiwan News
Espinoza, Javier New Ping-Pong Diplomacy 13.08.2010 The Wall Street Journal
Little, Matthew Confucius Institutes: Getting Schooled by Beijing 15.07.2010 The Epoch Times
Wang Dabao Cultural Surfing Boom 12.07.2010 China Daily
McDowell, Adam Are Chinese language centres in Canada culture clubs or spy outposts? 09.07.2010 National Post
Heng Yee Kuang Soft power: S'pore has what it takes 03.07.2010 Heng Yee Kuang
Hookway, James Young Imam' Is the Reality Show Creating All the Buzz in Malaysia 24.06.2010 The Wall Street Journal
Lim, James Sex and the Muslim woman: New Asian mag pushes limits 29.06.2010 Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
McGivering, Jill Pakistanis flee new monsoon floods in south 25.08.2010 BBC
Hughes, Greg and Voigt, Kevin Hong Kong angry, sad at handling of Manila siege 24.08.2010 CNN
世界看中国:探访莫斯科中医诊所 世界看中国:探访莫斯科中医诊所 23.08.2010 BBC
Legowo-Zipperer, Vidi Carter Usahakan Pembebasan Warga AS di Korea Utara 25.08.2010 DW
Bölinger, Mathias and Robina,Ziphora Jerman-Cina Kembali Gelar Dialog HAM 29.07.2010 DW
Kirchner, Ruth and Kostermans, Dyan Merkel Disambut Ramah di Cina 16.07.2010 DW
  Vietnam welcomes China's military development 25.08.2010 China Daily
  新《日美共同宣言》 看烟不如看火 18.08.2010 China Daily
  台湾“拜拜文化”:习俗超越政治 面临失传危机 25.08.2010 China Daily
  Der Schüttel-Wen 24.08.2010 Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Wakin, Daniel J. North Koreans Welcome Symphonic Diplomacy 27.02.2008 The New York Times
  Has Asia really decoupled from the west? 14.08.2010 Bangkok Times
Kitazume, Takashi Growing Asia Should Still Engage The West 19.08.2010 The Japan Times
Fitriani, Evi Asean and contemporary US Diplomacy in East Asia 13.08.2010 The Jakarta Post
Carmichael, Kevin and Curry, Bill G20 looks to head off currency war 21.10.2010 Globe and Mail
Xu Junqian Drunken Beauty toasts to fame 10.09.2010 China Daily Newspaper
  Music brings ASEAN nations together   Kyodo News
Jiang Shixue China and the EU - Hand in Hand?   China Today
Zhang Hong Artist and World Citizen   China Today
President launches women plant trees campaign 2010
23.11.2010 Antara News
Lin Hsuan-chu Taekwondo controversy was clearly predictable 22.11.2010 Taipei Times
Ho Yi The renaissance continues 22.11.2010 Taipei Times
Tamindael, Otniel Efforts To Maintain Papua`s Cultural Diversity 15.11.2010 Antara News
Branigan, Tania Chinese artist Ai Weiwei prevented from leaving country 02.12.2010 Guardian
  Culture week gives Spaniards glimpse into China's Tibet 29.11.2010 Xinhua
  Infrastructure: Expo's big legacy 02.12.2010 Shanghai Daily
Fu Shuangqi, Wang Huan and Gu Ye Traditional Chinese medicine is science, not witchcraft 20.11.2010 Shanghai Daily
  VP receives two Chinese astronauts   Antara News
Buchan, Noah Pop Stop 03.12.2010 Taipei Times
  British universities pursue stronger ties with China 29.11.2010 Xinhua
  Australia, China form film alliance 30.11.2010 Xinhua
Biswas, Soutik Indian media's credibility crisis 30.11.2010 BBC UK
Hooper, Rowan Could 'Godzilla cherry blossom' save Japanese culture? 14.02.2010 The Japan Times
Winterton, Bradley A reasonably balanced study of the Chairman 05.12.2010 Taipei Times
Chen Kuo-hsiung A personal touch could help bolster diplomacy 08.12.2010 Taipei Times
  China, Portuguese-speaking countries hold ministerial conference on cooperation 13.11.2010 Global Times
  APEC leaders conclude meeting with joint declarations 14.11.2010 Xinhua
- China's Economy Faces Three Contradictions 16.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
- Taiwan Hopes to Draw in More Foreign Students 29.05.2011 New York Times
- China Export Slows as the Global Demand Weakens 10.06.2011 The Telegraph
Foster, Peter China Home to  'World's Greenest Skyscraper' 08.06.2011 The Telegraph
Harvy, Fiona; Milmo, Dan China Threatens Trade War Over EU Trading Emissions Scheme 06.06.2011 The Guardian
Jennings, Ralph Activism Gets Rolling in Taiwan 05.06.2011 New York Times
Skarda, Erin How Social Media is Changing Disaster Response 09.06.2011 Times
Watts, Jonathin A Report Card for China's Environment 03.06.2011 The Guardian
Yuwei, Zhang Land of Opportunity: Chinese Company's Help Grow US Economy 18.06.2011 The Washington Post
- Mad, bad and dangerous to know 14.01.2010 The Economist
- Not Waving. Perhaps Drowning. 27.05.2010 The Economist
- The Graphic Details 09.06.2011 The Economist
- Rise of the Asian Megacity 20.06.2011 BBC News Online
- Thai Airline Hires 'Ladyboys' as Flight Attendants 10.02.2011 The Telegraph
Barboza, David China's Boom Is Beginnning to Show Cracks, Analysts Say 20.06.2011 New York Times
Chivers, Tom Japanese Supercomputer 'K' is World's Fastest 20.06.2011 The Telegraph
Foster, Peter Chinese Activists Harness Twitter to Campaign in Elections 29.06.2011 The Telegraph
Foster, Peter Despite the Censorship, China's Online Collective has a Mind of Its Own 17.06.2011 The Telegraph
Foster, Peter Why are Europe's Politicians so Mealy-Mouthed about China's Human Rights? 16.06.2011 The Telegraph
Foster, Peter Is China Going Back to the 'Era of Name-Calling'? 08.06.2011 The Telegraph
McNeil Jr., Donald G. Asia's Heavy Use of Asbestos Is Expected to Cause Rise in Deaths in Coming Decades 20.06.2011 New York Times
Nelson, Dean Nepal to Build £1.9 Billion "Buddhist Mecca"  17.06.2011 The Telegraph
Ryall, Julian Japanese Ordered to take Siestas to Save Power 17.06.2011 The Telegraph
Ryall, Julian Analysis: Japan Needs a Genuine Statesman to Lead the Country 10.06.2011 The Telegraph
Walker, Matt Do Monkeys Wonder? 21.06.2011 BBC News Online
- China warns outside nations to stay out of sea dispute-paper 15.6.2011 Asahi Shimbun
- Japan refuses to extend Kyoto Protocol commitments to cut carbon emissions after 2012 expiry 16.6.2011 The Washington Post
- China closes Tibet to foreigners until July 26 in apparent move to head off disturbances 16.6.2011 The Washington Post
- Indonesia sex tape star is jailed 31.1.2011 BBC News
Elliot, David Looking beyond the West 10.8.2006 Japan Times
Fogarty, Philippa Japan's trial run for migrant workers   21.11. 07  BBC News
Kelts, Roland   SOFT POWER HARD TRUTHS 10.6.2011 Daily Yumiuri
Kitazume, Takashi East Asian Big Three should work toward building new community 14.3.2011 Japan Times
Matsubara, Hiroshi Language, music point way to stronger relations 19.4.2002 Japan Times
Nakano, Akira Two Koreas producing record output at joint complex 3.6.2011 Asahi Shimbun
Ogoura, Kazuo Culture as a common asset 30.11.2007 Japan Times
Ogoura, Kazuo Toward a globalized Asia 10.3.2010 Japan Times
Ogoura, Kazuo Significance of East Asia 30.10.2009 Japan Times
Pyon, Junbeon and Yuka Tsukagoshi Turn Japan-South Korean ties into a real partnership 26.3.2007 Japan Times
Richie, Donald The crucible of Japanese culture  5. 06.05  Japan Times
Sharma, Harsha Facebook's journey into the East 16.9.2009 BBC News
Sui, Cindy Taiwan seeks to save indigenous languages 14.6.2010 BBC News
Tanaka, Hitoshi  Renewal or Irrelevance: With Asia's Rise, Global Governance Must Be Reformed 13.11.2008 Spiegel Online
Williamson, Lucy  South Korea's K-pop craze lures fans and makes profits 26.4.2011 BBC News
- In Pictures: China Flooding 20.06.2011 BBC News Online
- Timeline: China's Net Censorship 29.06.2010 BBC News Online
- The Rise of Asian Megacities 21.06.2011 BBC News Online
- In Graphics: Asia Rising 14.06.2011 BBC News Online
- The Limits of Central Authority 16.06.2011 The Economist
- Internet Security: An Anonymous Foe 16.06.2011 The Economist
- Dammed if they do 08.07.2010 The Economist
Bohane, Ben Dynasty and Democracy: Thailand's Dilemma 02.02.2009 The Diplomat
Chunshan, Mu China's Middle East Diplomacy 20.06.2011 The Diplomat
Eleni Ekmektsioglou Why US Can't Contain China 20.06.2011 The Diplomat
Fox, Benjamin; D'Angola, John Tawain's Magic Green School 10.06.2011 The Diplomat
Miks, Jason Vietnam Eyes Foreign Help 12.06.2011 The Diplomat
Nakagawa, Ulara Unique Lives that Inspire Asia 10.10.2010 The Diplomat
Ogawa, Hiroki Japan's Depressing Racism 17.06.2011 The Diplomat
Ogawa, Hiroki Japan's "Artsy" Protest Culture 13.06.2011 The Diplomat
Pei, Mixin How China Can Avoid Next Conflict 12.06.2011 The Diplomat
Roughneen, Simon Free Speech in Thailand 03.06.2011 The Diplomat
Xuequin, Zhang The Sad Truth of China's Education 03.06.2011 The Diplomat