Author Title Date Publication Link
Kulish, Nicholas Defying Others, Germany Finds Economic Success 13.08.2010 New York Times
Batson, Andrew China Output Tops Japan 12.08.2010 The Wall Street Journal
  Waves in the web - Western state-backed news outfits are struggling to keep their influence in the developing world  12.08.2010 The Economist
Follath, Erich The Dragon's Embrace - China's Soft Power Is a Threat to the West 28.07.2010 Der Spiegel online
Kazim, Hasnain Taliban Courts Pakistan Flood Victims - Race to Provide Aid Emerges Between West and Extremists 16.08.2010 Der Spiegel online
Sullivan, Marisa Cochrane Iran's Soft Power in Iraq 04.08.2009 American Enterprise Institute - Iran Tracker
Kücükkosum, Sevil Turkish, Armenian NGOs push peace process through 'TANGO diplomacy' 08.11.2010 Hürriyet Daily News
  David Cameron Lauches Indian Trade Drive 28.07.2010 BBC News
  Zambia: Economic diplomacy justifies presidential trips 08.08.2010 Lusakatimes
Ziabari, Kourosh Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan: Diplomacy of Brotherhood 14.08.2010 Eurasia Review
  Russia and France agree raft of trade deals 27.11.2009 Euronews
  Southern Africa-Eu trade deal finally in sight 29.06.2010 Afrolnews
  Promoting Cool Japan 15.08.2019 The Japan News
Zhou, Raymond China's Film Ambitions 08.08.2010 Xinhuanet News
  Croatian Foreign Minister Receives Incoming Chinese Ambassador 30.07.2010 Croatian Economic Diplomacy
  Government to strengthen economic diplomacy 16.06.2010 News Caribseek
  Economic, cultrual diplomacy urged 08.02.2010 Vietnam News
Adebolu, Simeon Eu-Africa Cultural Diplomacy 10.07.2010
Kellerhals, Merie David Clinton: Diplomacy, Development Critical to National Security 28.05.2010 America Gov
  Maroc-Cedao: Diplomtie economique 28.11.2005 La gazette du Maroc
Carmichael, Lachlan Le nouveau representant de l'EU est un "ambassadeur d'un type nouveau" 11.08.2010 France-Amerique
Cacia, Fulvio Diplomatie culturelle: la defaite de la pensee (2) 03.12.2007 Newropeans magazine
Manipadma, Jena India: Buoyed by Growing Market, More Farmers Go Organic 08.09.2010 Global Issues
Bello, Oladiran Are The Millennium Development Goals Counter-Productive?  01.09.2010 Eurasia Review
  The Global Cities index 2010. We are at a global inflection point. 16.08.2010 Foreign Policy
Khanna, Parag Beyond City Limits The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun 09.10.2010 Foreign Policy
Muscara, Aprille DEVELOPMENT: Bridging the Chasm Between Rhetoric and Reality 20.09.2010 Global Geopolitics
Sorensen, Brenda Facing the Challenge of Unemployment 19.08.2010 Global Geopolitics
  Hot meals for hard cases. Persecuting Romanies won't solve Europe's biggest social problem. Education might  16.09.2010 The Economist
Storm, Stephanie Branson Charity Focuses Aid Effort on Zimbabwe 20.09.2010 New York Times
Broder, John M. Developing Nations to Get Clean-Burning Stoves 20.09.2010 New York Times
  Horns, claws and the bottom line conservationists and local farmers—are showing promise 02.08.2010 The Economist
  How it could do even better A rare report by the OECD makes some trenchant observations  22.07.2010 The Economist
  The Himalayas of hiring Three out of every ten of the world's new workers will be Indian. Employing them won't be easy  05.09.2010 The Economist
Guttenplan, D. D. Edinburgh School Takes Online M.B.A. to Africa 19.09.2010 New York Times
McFarquhar, Neil U.N. Poverty Goals Face Accountability Questions 18.09.2010 New York Times
Dugger, Celia W. H.I.V. Prevention Gel Hits Snag: Money 03.09.2010 New York Times
Barrionuevo, Alexei Educational Gaps Limit Brazil's Reach 04.09.2010 New York Times
Dempsy, Judy Chinese Business Gains Foothold in Eastern Europe 21.09.2010 New York Times
Maclachlan, Stuart, Rosenwald, Staphane Out of Africa: How to Get the Most from Market Intelligence Studies in Africa 01.05.2010 Global Intelligence
  Macau and Portugal to strengthen trade 20.10.2010 Macau Daily Times
Pelzel, Svenja Berlin outreach program puts Roma kids in school, parents in jobs 06.10.2010 Deutsche Welle
Freyeisen, Astrid China warns US of trade war 01.10.2010 Deutsche Welle
Darren, Mara In the West, resentment simmers over reunification payments 29.09.2010 Deutsche Welle
Connor, Richard Germany and China strengthen economic ties after EU-Asia summit 06.10.2010 Deutsche Welle
Dannenberg, Natalia EU signs major free trade agreement with South Korea 06.10.2010 Deutsche Welle
Richards, Jay Economic Conservatism and Social Conservatism are "Indivisible" 08.02.2010 Discovery News
Dempsy, Judy Russia Wants to Formalize Relation With E.U. 17.10.2010 New York Times
  Electric cars, though a welcome development, are neither as useful nor as green as their proponents claim 07.10.2010 The Economist
  Mortgage or food 14.10.2010 The Economist
  The abominable gas man 14.10.2010 The Economist
Yapp,  Robin Brazil moves again to rein in the real 19.10.2010 The Telegraph
  Mervyn King warns of 'sober' decade ahead 20.10.2010 BBC
  Search and employ 14.10.2010 The Economist
  The quest for growth 07.10.2010 The Economist
Rampell, Catherine Going on a Diet? Start Paying in Cash 19.10.2010 New York Times
  APEC's 1st meeting on food security set to begin in Niigata 18.10.2010 Kyodo News International, Inc.
Saelensminde, Bengt Take advantage of our man in the Orient  14.10.2010 Money Week
Peacock, Louisa Immigration cap creating skills gap, say recruiters 25.10.2010 The Telegraph
Cris, Sholto How a revamped railway could boost house prices in Malaysia  25.10.2010 MoneyWeek
Stepek, John The US can win the currency war – but it'll regret it 15.10.2010 MoneyWeek
Phadnis, Shilpha A lighter meal: Noodles may now weigh less 28.10.2010 The Times of India
  Saint under Siege 05.01.2011 The Economist
Cezanne's card players: a Royal flush 08. 01.2011 The Economist
Bumiller, Elisabeth, Wines, Michael China apparently tests stealth fighter 11.01.2011 New York Times
Bagehot Would top bankers work for less money? 11.01.2011 The Economist
  Are Words to blame? 09. 01.2011 The Economist
Cooper, Helene For Chinese Leader's Visit, U.S. to Take a Bolder Tack 17.01.2011 New York Times
  President Hu comes to Washington 17.01.2011 New York Times
Brazil raises interest rates to 11.25% 19.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
- A second wave 16/06/2011 The Economist
- Running out of road 16/06/2011 The Economist
- IMF warns of increased risks to the world economy 17/06/2011 BBC News
- Greece: Merkel and Sarkozy urge bail-out 17/06/2011 BBC News
- Greater Manchester PCTs must save Ł400m 17/06/2011 BBC News
- China and Australia talk prisoner transfers 17/06/2011 BBC News
- Shanghai 'to become world financial centre in a decade' 17/06/2011 BBC News
- Coalition 'losing its way' on public sector reforms 17/06/2011 BBC News
- The end of cheap goods? 6/9/2011 The Economist
- Flashy sports cars are male 'short-term mating signal' 17/06/2011 BBC News
- Belarus Lukashenko: Hundreds defy protest ban in Minsk 16/06/2011 BBC News
- How Siberia will feed power-hungry China 16/06/2011 BBC News
- Austerity measures in Puerto Rico have led to violent clashes 15/06/2011 BBC News
Bennett, Magnus Scottish pubs look to a brighter future 16/06/2011 BBC News
Easton, Mark Britain's mysterious baby boom 17/06/2011 BBC News
Economides, Spyros Viewpoint: The politics of Greece's financial crisis 17/06/2011 BBC News
Fitzpatrick, Jim "You want it, you got it but you gotta pay for it" 17/06/2011 BBC News
Henshaw, Amber Sudan fear for missing UN worker Hawa Abdullah Mohammed 17/06/2011 BBC News
Kennedy, Liz Newspaper review: NI and Republic of Ireland stories 17/06/2011 BBC News
Webb, Alban The BBC World Service and British Soft Power in Perspective 16/06/2011  Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural change