Author Title Date Publication Link
 Versiani, Isabel Brazil backs France's Lagarde in IMF race 28.06.2011 Reuters
- U.S. black list: human trafficking and slavery in Cuba and Venezuela 28.06.2011 Latina Press
- Chavez appeared in Cuba under 21.06.2011 Financial Times Deutschland
- The biggest threat to socialism in Venezuela is the clientelism 21.06.2011 Neus Deutschland
- Japan gives Venezuela 1.5 16.06.2011 Stern News
- Hugo Chávez und seine "Schlacht um das Leben" 26.02.2011 Die Presse
- Honduras: Ex-Präsident sagt Großparteien den Kampf an 27.06.2011 Die Presse
- Atombehörde schaltet Welt-Sicherheitsrat ein 09.06.2011 Stern News
- US says won’t rule out options on Venezuela sanctions 25.06.2011 Dawn News
- Venezuela Official Says Chavez Recovering with Considerable Energy 28.06.2011 Latin American Herald Tribune
- Unasur presidents to meet in Venezuela next week 27.06.2011 Andiana News
- World economy in fear of oil crisis 10.06.2011 Kurier News
- Rechtsstaats-Defizite in China und Russland 14.06.2011 Kleine Zeitung
- Israel Gets Active In Latin America 27.06.2011 Eurasia Review
- Billionaire Cisneros to Team With China Banks in Latin America 16.06.2011 The San Francisco Chronicle
- TUSKON: Turkish-Chilean trade may reach $1 bln in 3 years 28.06.2011 Todays Zaman
- Clegg targets doubling of Brazil exports on trade visi 21.06.2011 BBC News
Bockenheimer, John Riot in the cheap seats 13.06.2011 Handelsblatt
Caduff, Thomas Vor sich hin pendeln 28.06.2011 Wall Street
Caroll, Rory Guatemala becomes killing field as drug wars spread through Central America 28.06.2011 The Guardian
Casas Zamora, Kevin The Travails of Development and Democratic Governance in Central America 29.06.2011 Brookings
Cherian, John Left turn 15.02.2011 Frontline
Corrdiero, Anjali EM Debt Strengthens; Venezuela Bonds Rally On Chavez Speculation 27.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
Fergueson, Will Costa Rica placed on international human trafficking watchlist 27.06.2011 Tico Times
Figueroa, Pia Human Rights Yes Bombing No 29.06.2011 Day Press
Gallager, Kevin Why Agustín Carstens should not be next head of the IMF 03.06.2011 The Guardian
Hernandez, Daniel Despite photos, doubts remain on health of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez 27.06.2011 Los Angeles Times
Jones, Dowe Venezuela PdVSA To Sell $1.5B To Central Bank In Bond Reopening 23.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
Keinon, Herb 'Most Latin American nations rethinking PA's UN bid' 12.06.2011 The Jerusalem Post
Leahy, Joe Latin America ponders role of the renminbi 06.06.2011 The Financial Times
Marull, Yana IMF needs leadership from developing world: Carstens 02.06.2011 AFP
Mills, Ian China looks beyond natural resources in Latin America 27.06.2011 World Politics Review
Padgett, Tim With Hugo Chávez Hospitalized, Venezuela Frets About the Future 27.06.2011 TIME,8599,2079996,00.html
Padgett, Tim Latin America's Race to the Middle: Has Humala Renounced Chávez? 07.06.2011 TIME
Parraga, Marriana Exclusive: Venezuela sees $5.5 billion new Orinoco funds 23.06.2011 Reuters
Pearson, Samantha Yen influx into Brazil set to grow 28.06.2011 The Financial Times
Pearson, Samantha Foreign flows keep Brazilian real running hot 28.06.2011 The Financial Times
Pierri, Raul MEDIA-LATIN AMERICA: The Seduction of Power 25.06.2011 The International News Magazine
Romero-Castillo, Evan "Thank God, that Chavez is still alive" 27.06.2011 Deutsche Welle,,15192861,00.html
Sabo, Eric Clinton Pushes Latin America Business to Help Fund Drug War 22.06.2011 Bloomberg
Shefler, Gil Jewish group to bolster Hebrew studies in Disapora 28.06.2011 The Jerusalem Post
Trevisani, Paulo Brazil Welcomes For-Profit Schools as Aspiring Professionals Seek Skills 27.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
Wagner, Thomas Venezuelas Ex-Präsident liegt auf Eis 13.06.2011 The Financial Times Deutschland
Walser, Ray and Snow, Olivia Congress Shines Light on Chavez’s Iran Connections 25.06.2011 The Foundry
Winfield, Nicole Brazil's Graziano elected chief of UN food agency 27.06.2011 The Associated Press
  France urged to repay Haiti's huge 'independence debt' 16.08.2010 BBC News Europe
  Europa y América Latina acuerdan ccoperatión energética 05.05.2010
Parsi, Trita The Turkey- Brazil- Iran- Deal 17.05.2010 FP-Foreign Policy
  IV EU-Chile Summit 17.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  IV EU-Central America Summit 19.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  V EU-Mexico Summit 16.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  IV EU-Mercosur Summit 17.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  IV EU-CARIFORUM Summit 17.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  EU CAN Summit 19.05.2010 Council of the European Union
  Knowledge will be the 'cornerstone' EU-LAC cooperations 18.05.2010 European Unit - Latin America and Caribbean Summit
Barnetson   EU-LAC vows no protectionism 21.05.2010 Stabroeknews
  EU-LAC summit ends on positive note for CARICOM 21.05.2010 CARICOM press release
Laurence, Peter EU sees trade breakthrough with Latin America 17.05.2010 BBC News
  Spain says no row with Venezuela 14.03.2010 New Europe
Susanne, Gratius Desperately seeking an EU policy with Venezuela 25.04.2010 FRIDE
  EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht travels to Argentina and Brazil to discuss EU-Mercosur trade negotiations 13.09.2010 European Press Release…
Mozingo, Joe There's no plan in sight for Haiti's homeless 15.09.2010 Los Angeles Times
  Deputada apresentará denúncias contra empresa alemă instalada no Brasil ao Parlamento Alemăo  19.09.2010 Correio Brasiliense
  Europa y Chile acuerdan ampliar sus relaciones 17.05.2010
  Las Relaciones Culturales Diplomaticas entre Espana y America Latina en el siglo XIX
Titopoli Venezuela verstaatlicht US-Ölplattformen 24.10.2001 Zeitonline
  Mord an 72 Einwanderern empört Mexiko 26.08.2010 Zeitonline
  Weltkrieg der Währungen 09.10.2010 Zeitonline
  Literaturnobelpreis für Mario Vargas Llosa 07.10.2010 Spiegel online
  Mexiko platziert Jahrhundertanleihe 06.10.2010 Spiegel online
  Lithium-Rausch in Südamerika 10.09.2010 Zeitonline
  Erneut Politiker in Mexiko getötet 28.09.2010 Zeitonline
Ecuador espera que la presencia de su embajador en Colombia consolide relaciones bilaterales 06.01.2011 - El portal de economia y negocios
  Haiti urged to arrest visiting "Baby Doc" Duvalier 17.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
Cuba: US easing of travel rules  'positive but limited' 17.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
  Venezuela anger at 'mocking' Colombia soap opera 15.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
Romo, Rafael Plan Colombia revisited: Mixed results for U.S. anti-drug initiative 18.01.2011 CNN
  'Baby Doc' Duvalier sued for torture in Haiti 19.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
Brazil raises interest rates to 11.25% 19.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
  Bolivia launches coca leaf diplomatic offensive 19.01.2011 BBC News Latin America and the Caribbean
Ecuador president pushes for referendum 18.01.2011 CNN
Delacour, Justin Pablo Solón responds to secret U.S. Manipulation of climate talks revealed in WikiLeaks cable 09.12.2010 Latin American News Review Blog
Langellier, Jean-Pierre Le ciel n'est pas le seule fautif 20.01.2010 Le Monde
  Brasil raises interest rates to 11.25 % 21.01.2010 BBC
Zapatero proposes EU-style Latin American Union 18.05.2010 EurActiv
  Cuban dissident grounded for EU 'free thought' prize ceremony 14.12.2010 EurActiv
Alsema, Adriaan Europe and US have forgotten about Latin America:Santos 22.01.2011 Colombia Reports
  World Economic Forum on Latin America, 2011   World Economic Forum
Associated Press Urban marketplaces, long common in Latin America, flourishing in Cuba amid economic changes 17.06.2011 The Washington Post
Barrionuevo, Alexei Chilean Court Blocks Plan for Patagonia Dam Project 20.06.2011 The New Yourk Times
Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs U.S. Actions To Combat Trafficking in Arms in the Western Hemisphere 21.06.2011 U.S Department of State: Diplomacy in action
Business Wire Promoting the China - Latin America Investement Relationship 21.06.2011 The Financial Post
D'apice, Hannah Duane Morris Strikes Mexico City Alliance 21.06.2011 The American Lawyer
Ditchburn, Jennifer Think-tank teeters on the brink despite Tory Americas strategy 29.06.2011 The Canadian Press
English news online Vice President eyes boosting common development of China, Latin America 11.06.2011 English news online
Esposito, Antony China to increse trade with Latin America 11.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
Hunter-Bowman, Jess Colombia trade deal doesn’t pass the smell test 21.06.2011 The Hill
Kimelman, John Has Latin America Become A Stocke Pickers Market 21.06.2011 Wall Street Journal Digital Network
Merco Press Uruguay presides over the UN Human Rights Council for the next 12 months 20.06.2011 Merco Press
Merco Press “With a few drops of its reveres, China can finance Ecuador’s development” 21.06.2011 Merco Press
Minaya, Ezequiel Venezuelans Puzzle Over Their Leader's Health 22.06.2011 The Wall Street Journal
Oppenheimer, Andrews Latin America’s candidate to head IMF speaks out 15.06.2011 The Miami Herald
Rathbone, John Paul Carlos Slim eyes Latin America for growth 12.06.2011 The Financial Times
Shefler, Gil Israel losing battle for minds in Latin America 06.22.2011 The Jerusalem Post
Steger, Jason Decades on, publisher presses ahead in spirit of Che Guevara's revolution 20.06.2011 The Sydney Morning Herald
Steves, Rick The tale of two Latin American cities 21.06.2011 The Seatle Times
Taylor, Paul Virigin to launch Latin American phone brand 06.06.2011 Financial Times
The Associated Press President of Argentina to Seek Re-election 21.06.2011 The New Yourk Times
Vancouver Sun Latin America rivals Asia as Canadian partner 30.05.2011 The Vancouver Sun
Weihua, Chen China Seeks Broader Latin American Ties 14.06.2011 China Daily
Xinhua Ban urges Latin America to be more active at UN 16.06.2011 China Daily
- Poll: Peruvians prefer President-elect Humala govern like Lula, not Chavez 19.06.2011 Washington Post
- Obama administration likely to score win for gay rights at UN Human Rights Council 16.06.2011 Washington Post
- Argentine leader calls Britain 'crude colonial power' after Cameron's remark on Falklands 16.06.2011 Washinton Post
- Mexico announces new flight routes to Europe, Latin America; hopes to reduce dependency on US 19.06.2011 Washinton Post
- UN issues first resolution condemning discrimination against gay people 17.06.2011 The Guardian
- OAS lifts Honduras agreement suspension after Zelaya agreement 01.06/2011 BBC NEWS, Latin America & The Caribbean
- OAS lifts Honduras agreement suspension after Zelaya agreement 01.06.2011 BBC NEWS
- IMF to consider Lagarde, Carstens for top job 14.06.2011 CNN News
- French IMF candidate seeks support in Brazil 31.05.2011 CNN News
Alvaro, Mercedes Ecuador Asks US Ambassador to Leave 06.04.2011 Wall Street Journal
Archibold, Randal O.A.S. Promises to Tackle Drug Trafficking and Crime 07.06.2010 The New York Times
Darlington, Shashta U.S. group meets with contractor jailed in Cuba 09.06.2011 CNN News
De Cordoba, Jose Peru's Election of Leftist to Aid Chávez, for a Bit 11.06.2011 Wall Street Journal
Dixon, Richard Britain and Latin America: turning around parlous trade - and backing microfinance 18/11/2010 The Times, Economics
Dixon, Richard Britain and Latin America: turning around parlous trade - and backing microfinance 18.11.2010 The Times
Fennell, Edward Latin America: why the legal scene is hotting up South of the Border 02.09.2010 The Times, Law
Fennell, Edward Latin America: why the legal scene is hotting up South of the Border 02.09.2010 The Times
Gronholt Pedersen, Jacob TNK-BP Nears Deal For Stake in Brazil Deposit 17.06.2011 Wall Street Journal
Hernández Navarro, Luis Latin America is Fed up with Obama 22.03.2011 The Guardian
Juan, San Obama courting Puerto Ricans at home and abroad 13.06.2011 Wall Street Journal
Meckler, Laura Obama Faces Policy Obstacles in Latin America 23.03.2011 Wall Street Journal
Molinski, Dan Columbia Advances Beijing Trade Pact 15.06.2011 Wall Street Journal
Moraes, Richard U.S plan raises Ire in Latin America 08.08.2011 Washington Post
Morrison, Sarah Caramba! Latin America takes a hold on London 19.05.2011 The Independent
Padgett, Tim Latin America's Race to the Middle: Has Humala Renounced Chávez? 07.06.2010 TIME magazine
Padgett, Tim Signs of Spring: U.S.-Latin America Relations Thaw 20.04.2009 TIME magazine
Romig, Shane Hungry China Stops in Argentina 20.05.2011 Wall Street Journal
Saltmarsh, Mathew Mobilizing to support a region in turmoil 16.06.2011 The New York Times
Usborne, David Latin America gives support to Argentina over Falklands 24.02.2010 The Independent
Weisbrot, Mark Why Washigton is worried about Peru? 02.06.2011 The Guardian
Williamson, Elizabeth Trade Pacts Inch Forward 06.05.2011 Wall Street Journal