"The Role of Stock Exchanges for Sustainable Industries and Economic Growth"

Nondas Cl. Metaxas (CEO, Cyprus Stock Exchange)

(Berlin; November 9th, 2014)

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Nondas Cl. Metaxas

(CEO, Cyprus Stock Exchange)


Nondas  Cl. Metaxas is the Chief Executive Officer, Director General and the Member of Council at The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE). He has been the CEO since the CSE’s official launch.


From 1979 to 1985, Mr Metaxas was in charge of the Over-the-Counter Market of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From 1993 to 1995 he was a Member of the first Council of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. 

Nondas  Cl. Metaxas is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies). Metaxas has served as a Member of the Board of the FESE (Federation of the European Securities Exchanges) and the Chairman of the Budget and Audit Committee of FESE. He was also a member of a number of Boards and Committees including the Export Award Council of Cyprus, the Advisory Council on Tertiary Education, Risk Management Committee – University of Cyprus. 

He taught at the University of Cyprus, at the Postgraduate Diploma of the Mediterranean Institute of Management, at the Haigazian University (Beirut) and other Institutions. 


Mr Metaxas has been active in writing a number of articles on Capital Market Issues, on Marketing and on Export Promotion.


"The New European Paradigm of Sustainability"

The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014 (Berlin; November 9th, 2014)

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