2017_06_26 Italian and German Shared History.jpg
How Germans and Italians can be seen from a cultural perspective?
2017_06_21 Youung Peacebuilders.jpg
Growing the Youth Peacebuilding Movement
2017_06_21 Youth Kinnetica.jpg
YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2017
2017_06_21 Digital Grown.jpg
According to the World Investment Report 2017: Investment and the Digital Economy, digital is growing and it is growing fast
2017_06_20 Cuba Schools Homophobia.jpg
UNESCO was invited to Cuba to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
2017_06_19 Women Right Iceland.jpg
Women's Rights Day in Iceland and the occasion is being marked by various events throughout the land
2017_08_03 American Writer Tom Drury.jpg
In August, the most attended event in Berlin is up to come. For literature lovers, this is time to meet Tom Drury
2017_06_27 Unity Colombia France Music.jpg
Colombia and France Unite to Promote Each Other’s Culture
2017_07_13 Meeting Bowls.jpg
Spanish Artistic Ensemble “mmmm…” Showcases Art for Dialogue in Virginia, USA
2017_07_10 France-Colombia.jpg
Thanks to the cultural exchange program between the two countries, the summer of 2017 is busy
2017_06_28 Cyprus and France.jpg
France’s ambition to strengthen scientific relations with Cyprus
2017_06_23 European Arts Forum.jpg
“Unity in Diversity: Connecting Europe through Culture”
"We will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals if we fail to address the educational needs of indigenous peoples." — Ban Ki-moon
Kosovo Aims at Including the Roma Community and not Discriminating it
A unique chance to discover Italian culture through film
The Guggenheim Museum hosts an exhibition of the Romanian modernist sculptor
2017_06_09 Cameroon Painful Inspiring.jpg
Inspiring sustainability education project making a difference in Cameroon
2017_06_21 Uniform.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel Wafa Sharqawi was among the first women to join the Palestinian Civil Police in 1997
The US organization, Cultural Vistas and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH has directed CBYX for Young Professionals for over 30 years
The art festival will have Indonesia as its guest land in 2017
2017_06_28 Danish Arts.jpg
Discover Danish culture through design
The Spanish Embassy in Berlin Works to Promote Unforgettable Gastronomic Experience
Rare Sit-Down Dinner Reception to Celebrate 119 Years of Philippine Independence
The Europalia art festival will be centered on Indonesia this year
A festival celebrating Peruvian food, folklore, and culture hosted in Köln
Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary
Independence in the Light of Optimism and Cooperation
Art and Politics joined forces at the Federal Foreign Office in Germany in order to build bridges between Europe and Africa